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Humanitarian Work: Apres Seisme (After the Earthquake)

Apres Seisme (after the earthquake)  |  Haiti (October 2008)  |  Haiti (March 2006)   |  
Vietnam (April 2001)  |  Jamaica (March/April 1998)
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The 2010 Haiti earthquake was a catastrophic 7.0 magnitude earthquake with the epicenter near Leogane. An estimated three million people were affected by the quake. The Haitian Government reported that an estimated 230,000 people had died, 300,000 had been injured and 1,000,000 made homeless. It was the most severe earthquake to hit Haiti in 200 years.

The earthquake caused major damage in Port-au-Prince, Jacmel and other settlements in the region. Many notable landmark buildings were significantly damaged or destroyed, including the Presidential Palace, the National Assembly building, the main cathedral, and the main jail. Jacmel is the town where I traveled for my trip in 2008. Leogane, the epicenter, is one of the two main clinics run and supported by Family Health Ministries whom I traveled to Haiti with in 2006. The second floor of the clinic collapsed but the first floor has been repaired and back up and running. These are some photos of the damage taken by a colleague who returned to Jacmel soon after the quake. For more information, please visit


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